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VAPE verb, noun

Definition of vape (verb)

  1. To inhale and exhale vapor from an electronic cigarette or similar device
    • "Many people vape as an alternative to smoking traditional cigarettes."
    • "He was seen vaping outside the restaurant."
    • "Vaping is prohibited in many public spaces."

Definition of vape (noun)

  1. An electronic cigarette or similar device
    • "She pulled out her vape and took a puff."
    • "There are different kinds of vapes available on the market."
    • "Some shops specialize in selling vapes and related products."
  2. The action or practice of inhaling and exhaling the vapor produced by an electronic cigarette or similar device
    • "The vape culture has grown significantly in recent years."
    • "Some people are concerned about the health impacts of vape."
    • "He quit smoking and turned to vape."
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