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Definition of Spartan (noun)

  1. a resident of Sparta

SPARTAN adjective

Definition of Spartan (adjective)

  1. of or relating to or characteristic of Sparta or its people
  2. resolute in the face of pain or danger or adversity
    • "spartan courage"
  3. unsparing and uncompromising in discipline or judgment
    • "a parent severe to the pitch of hostility"- H.G.Wells; "a hefty six-footer with a rather severe mien"; "a strict disciplinarian"; "a Spartan upbringing"
    • synonyms: severe
  4. practicing great self-denial
    • "Be systematically ascetic...do...something for no other reason than that you would rather not do it"- William James; "a desert nomad's austere life"; "a spartan diet"; "a spartan existence"
    • synonyms: ascetic, ascetical, austere
Source: Princeton University Wordnet

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