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Definition of pageboy (noun)

  1. A male attendant who performs various duties, such as carrying messages or holding clothing, especially in medieval times.
    • "The pageboy served the king his daily meals and relayed messages from the court."
    • "In medieval times, a pageboy often served a knight as part of his training for knighthood."
    • "The pageboy carried the train of the queen's dress as she moved through the palace."
    • synonyms: page
  2. A boy who is employed for a particular event to carry the train of a woman's dress or to deliver a speech at a wedding.
    • "The bride's younger brother was chosen to be the pageboy at her wedding."
    • "As a pageboy, his duties included carrying the bride's veil and delivering the rings."
    • "The pageboy wore a miniature version of the groom's suit at the wedding."
  3. A hairstyle whose straight hair ends are turned under, usually at shoulder-length.
    • "She decided to change her look and chose a pageboy hairstyle."
    • "The stylist suggested a pageboy cut to frame her face better."
    • "The pageboy haircut is easy to maintain and ideal for straight hair."
Source: Princeton University Wordnet

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