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Definition of canon event (noun)

  1. An unavoidable life event, often difficult or embarrassing, that contributes significantly to a person's character development.
    • "He recognized that the painful breakup was a canon event in his life, shaping him into a stronger person."
    • "Her first public speaking experience, despite being nerve-wracking, was a canon event that sparked her interest in politics."
    • "Losing his job was a canon event for him, it changed his perspective and led him to start his own business."

This term is popularized by the TikTok community and is used to highlight those key moments in one's life that contribute to their personal story, much like how a 'canon' event in a storyline shapes the narrative. It can range from major life changes to minor, everyday occurrences, but the common thread is that these events have a substantial impact on personal growth and evolution.

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