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BALSA noun

Definition of balsa (noun)

  1. A tropical American tree (Ochroma pyramidale) notable for its extremely light and buoyant timber.
    • "The balsa tree is native to the rainforests of Central and South America."
    • "Balsa is renowned for its lightness, making it a popular choice for model airplanes."
    • "Due to its buoyant nature, balsa is often used in the construction of life rafts."
    • synonyms: Ochroma lagopus
  2. The light, soft wood of the balsa tree.
    • "Balsa wood is easy to carve, making it a favourite among hobbyists."
    • "Balsa wood's low density makes it ideal for floatation devices."
    • "Despite its lightness, balsa wood has remarkable strength."
    • synonyms: balsa wood
Source: Princeton University Wordnet

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