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Definition of essential (noun)

  1. anything indispensable
    • "food and shelter are necessities of life"; "the essentials of the good life"; "allow farmers to buy their requirements under favorable conditions"; "a place where the requisites of water fuel and fodder can be obtained"
    • synonyms: necessary, necessity, requirement, requisite
    • antonym: inessential

ESSENTIAL adjective

Definition of essential (adjective)

  1. absolutely necessary; vitally necessary
    • "essential tools and materials"; "funds essential to the completion of the project"; "an indispensable worker"
    • synonyms: indispensable
  2. basic and fundamental
  3. of the greatest importance
  4. being or relating to or containing the essence of a plant etc
    • "essential oil"
  5. defining rights and duties as opposed to giving the rules by which rights and duties are established
Source: Princeton University Wordnet

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